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Individual Counseling

Psychological counseling is useful if you are in a situation which causes you to feel discontented or if you have the feeling you are marking time and cannot proceed with your personal development. This can be the case in various situations , e.g.

  • in crises
  • starting a new chapter in life
  • relationship problems
  • You have been betrayed by your partner and cannot come to terms with this betrayal – or vice versa infidelity cases
  • separation/divorce
  • family/child problems
  • job problems, e.g. discontent, mobbing...
  • you lost your job
  • assistance in chronic diseases
  • experiences of loss or events of death

Psychological counseling can give you professional and self-help assistance to constructively cope with your situation.
If this assistance is not enough (e.g. you are suffering from a depression) psychotherapy is an expedient measure. In this case you will be informed and counseled in detail.

Naturally your personal data will be treated confidentially