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In the thirties the internationally renowned neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl devised an independent humanistic psychotherapeutical approach based on the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud and the Adlerian individual psychology of Alfred Adler.

Logotherapy is a form of psychotherapy oriented towards the search for meaning based on the fact that man is oriented towards sense and values. Existential analysis on which logotherapy is based regards man as mentally free and responsible for his or her own life. Thus, the decisive factor for personal contentment and well being is the attitude towards events, resources and burdens of life. Logotherapy helps the patient to recognize mental freedom and resources, perceive concrete options regarding the search for meaning under various circumstances and thus achieve a new orientation. The objective is to develop and facilitate a self-dependent, organized and meaningful life.

Logotherapy is suitable in particular for the following problems:

  • Existential frustration, life crises
  • Stagnation and discontent with the patient's own personality development
  • Relationship complications and disorders (e.g. partnership problems)
  • Family problems (e.g. parent-child-relationship)
  • Separations, losses, chronic illnesses
  • Anxieties, episodes of depression, addiction

Logotherapy is not suitable for the sole treatment of grave psychic disorders, e.g. psychoses. In cooperation with the attending psychiatrist it can be applied in support of and as a meaningful and instrumental complement to conventional therapies.

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