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Starting point of this therapy is the current behavior, thinking and the feelings of the patient; this also includes current problems as well as existing strengths and capabilities.

A precise analysis of the patient's problems is the first priority. The description of the problems is followed by an analysis of the triggering and sustaining conditions. Based on this analysis therapy objectives will be developed in cooperation with the patient.

The goal is to learn how to analyze and resolve problems independently. This means that the patients will be trained as "experts for themselves" in order to understand and cope with their personal circumstances.

The path to this goal consists of small steps. Urgent changes will be aspired first and the patient will proceed from simple to difficult tasks.

Behavioral therapy understands therapy to mean an active learning process, i.e. patients need to assume responsibility for a successful therapy. From the very start the patient will accept tasks in between the sessions, actively contribute to each phase of the therapy, activate skills and capabilities and use them in his or her own interest.

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